To get 15% off your stay at Inverglen Guest House you need the following code:


please note there are no spaces in the code

How to use your Discount Code

Click on the Click to Book button below to open our booking system

Choose the date you wish your stay to begin and how many nights you wish to stay (remember the discount requires a 3-night minimum stay)

Click on the Search button next to the box you have just completed. This will let you know what rooms we have available and the regular price for those rooms.

Enter the code Social15 in the box at the top right of the screen (just underneath the flags). As long as you enter the code correctly, a green box will appear around the code, and the prices will have been reduced by 15%.

Choose the room you want by changing the number in the drop-down box from 0 to either 1 or 2 depending on how many rooms you want to book.

Continue to follow the booking instructions

Click to Book

More Information

How is the discount calculated? –The code provides a 15% discount off the price after any other qualifying discounts (e.g. a 2-night stay or non-refundable discount), are taken into account.

Who can use the Code? –Anyone can use the code so feel free to share it with your family and friends.

How many times can a code be used? – The code can be used as many times as you like  However, the code has an expiry date and may have other restrictions that limit when they apply. As long as the code is valid, the discount will be applied and advised to you before the booking is complete.

Can I book by telephone or email? – Sorry, but discounts only apply to online bookings.

Is there a minimum stay required? – This discount code requires a 3 nights minimum, but from time to time we may make codes valid for shorter stays.  Subscribers to our Newsletter will always be notified of new offers and codes so do sign up if you want to be kept informed.

Withdrawal of a Promo/Discount Code – Promo/Discount Codes can be withdrawn at any time without notice. However, once a booking is made the discount will be honoured as long as there are no changes to the dates of the stay or other booking details and as long as Inverglen Guest House is owned and run by John Frid & Susan White.

Can I use the Promo/Discount code on bookings already made? – Unfortunately, the Promo/Discount code can only be used at the time of the original booking, however, if you let us know that you have missed out on using the code, then we will gladly offer you a 50% discount on any photographs or greetings cards that you buy from us whilst staying. This offer is limited to items that are in stock and must be paid for in cash.