Inverness Restaurants are a treat for Foodies

The River Ness

We are incredibly spoilt for choice in Inverness. At the time of writing TripAdvisor has over 200 restaurants listed for the Inverness area. Admittedly a few of these are perhaps not exactly city centre, but it gives some indication of the vast choice that awaits you.

At Inverglen Guest House We take our responsibilities to our guests very seriously. It is essential that we keep on top of which restaurants are on top form and which are falling a little behind. To this end we try to eat out in at least 2 different restaurants each month (indeed in some months we are doing much more research than this) and based on our experience our top 10 list can be subject to change.

Anyway, here we have listed our current 10 favourite restaurants that specialise in Scottish cuisine for an evening meal within walking distance of our Inverness B&B. This list may have looked a little different had we made choices based on lunch rather than dinner, and if we had extended the boundaries beyond the city centre. However, within the criteria set here are our recommendations. They are listed in no particular order, and all 10 offer great food, a lovely ambience and attentive service.

The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed
One of the most popular restaurants in Inverness and for good reasons. This restaurant enjoys a lively atmosphere and has a menu that is definitely inspired by our local Highland produce. Situated in a converted church this is one of the larger restaurants, but despite the size, the tables generally feel intimate making it good for couples as well as larger groups.

Learn more about The Mustard Seed

The Kitchen restaurant

The Kitchen Brasserie
This is the sister restaurant to The Mustard Seed and maintains the same high standards. We consider this a more casual choice and it has a distinctly modern feel that reflects the modern glass fronted building it occupies on the riverfront. It is a smaller more intimate restaurant and is spread over 3 floors – so not so good for those who dislike stairs (there is no lift).

Fig & Thistle

Fig & Thistle
If someone made us choose our absolute favourite restaurant in Inverness this would certainly be in with a shout. So what makes The Fig & Thistle so good? In truth, it is no one thing, but rather a combination of many. Of course, the food is excellent, but that is a given for all our top 10 choices. It probably comes down to 2 things – an intimate setting and wonderful service. It is also one of the closest restaurants to us so that is no bad thing either.

Rocpool Restaurant

Another independent restaurant that is consistently delivering top quality food. If asked which restaurant has the best food then this comes close to the top (and that is high praise with so many good restaurants in Inverness). Quite rightly one of the most popular restaurants in Inverness this is definitely one for the foodies.

River House Restaurant

The River House
Another contender for the best food in town, this is our choice for a special night out (although it has competition!). The River House is an intimate contemporary restaurant that works magic with seafood (other choices are available). We feel it is best suited to couples or groups of 4 who appreciate great food. It isn’t as lively as some other restaurants but if you enjoy a relaxed atmosphere where the conversation can be heard and the food savoured then you will love it.

Urquhart’s Restaurant
Urquhart’s is unashamedly about great home cooked foods. It concentrates on delivery immensely satisfying dishes in generous portions and it will bring a smile to your face. Go with friends and have a great night out. If we have a group of 4 or 6 of us who are out for fun without breaking the bank then this is likely to get everyone’s vote.

Number 27 Bar & Kitchen

Number 27 Bar & Restaurant
Another crowd pleaser of a restaurant. In a similar vein to Urquhart’s, this is another place that knows how to do the favourites really well. We love their Fish & Chips and the Burgers, and John has a real liking for the Wolf Ale that they have on tap. Another one that works well for a small group.

The Heathmount
How lucky are we that one of our favourite restaurants is also the closest to us! This pub has a dedicated restaurant area and has a great menu combining traditional pub favourites with more adventurous offerings. Also a real treat for Gin lovers with more choices than is good for anyone.

The White House
Cool, contemporary and modern. The White House describes itself as a cocktail bar & bistro and it delivers on both counts. Located in the heart of Inverness this restaurant fits the bill when you want to liven things up just a little bit (without having to fight to be heard over the sound system). John loves the oven baked Camembert (a sharing starter) and the superb Venison burger with haggis and blue cheese sauce.

MacGregors Bar
This is definitely more than just a bar. Not only does it have great food, superb craft ales, a great selection of whisky and Scottish gins, but also plays host to some of the best Scottish folk music you’ll find in Inverness. We nearly didn’t include this because it is definitely more bar than it is a restaurant, but the food is great (and especially the Sunday roast) and the added bonus of the music means it sneaks into the current top 10.

This list will undoubtedly change from time to time and there are several restaurants that are in the running for promotion to the top 10, as well as several newer restaurants we haven’t had time to visit as yet.

If the above isn’t enough, why not check out our fuller listing on our Bars and Restaurants Page.

Our Top 10 Inverness Restaurants (Scottish Fare)