Inverglen Garden – June 2015

by Susan White

Neither John nor I are great gardeners, but we do enjoy having a go and getting our hands dirty. Many guests who visit Inverglen really enjoy and appreciate the mature shrubs that we have in the front garden that you can enjoy whilst you’re relaxing over your delicious home cooked breakfast.

We’re frequently asked “What’s the name of that shrub that’s flowering in the front garden?” and invariably I look it up in a book or on the internet, tell the guest, and then promptly forget again! So, I thought maybe a series of blog posts would help to cement the names in my memory, or at least give me a point of reference next time I’m asked the question!! It’s currently early summer in Inverness, and finally it does feel like summer so I’ll be going out in the garden shortly to shape some of the shrubs with a bit of gentle pruning. For any guests that are missing a potter in their own gardens I’m happy to share, and have spare gloves and secateurs for any willing volunteer!

CeanothusThe stunner in the garden at the moment is a flowering shrub with deep blue flowers, which is called Ceanothus – there are a number of different varieties available which flower at different times during the spring and summer months and grow to different heights, but all varieties have the same clusters of small blue flowers which are set against a dark green leaf. The shrub is sometimes known as Californian lilac, but the flowers are much smaller and darker blue than traditional lilac bushes and the leaves are quite different.

If you would like more information on cultivation and care of the ceanothus, check out the Royal Horticultural Society weblink attached here

We really enjoy having flowers in the garden as it encourages the bees and butterflies and they need all the help they can get in such a cold climate! We also encourage our feathered friends into the garden by having a number of bird feeders, so next time I’ll write a blog post about one of the regular summer visitors to the garden, the goldfinches.


Inverglen – a tour of our garden (June 2015)