Welcome to Inverglen Guest House

Joan and Javed are delighted to welcome you to Inverglen Guest House. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Although Covid-19 has required us to make some changes to how operate, we will do our best to ensure that your stay is as good as it can be.

The procedures detailed are for the health, safety and well being of everyone who is on our premises.

Please read this information carefully. If there is anything that is unclear then do let us know (by phone, text or email)

To download the welcome brochure click the link below.

If you need to contact us

The best time to speak with us is during the breakfast service between 8 am and 9 am.

Outside of the breakfast service the best way to contact us is as follows:

Non-Urgent Contact (i.e. you don’t need an immediate response)

Please note that we do not monitor the above constantly so it may take several hours before we respond. Our telephone is set to silent overnight (so as not to disturb guests).

Urgent Contact

Contacting us during the day (between 7:30 am and 9:00 pm)

  • if we are in the house call the main telephone number: +44 (0)1463 716350.
  • If we are not in the house call our mobile number: +44 (0)7983768950

Mobile phone coverage is patchy so it may not always be possible to contact us.

Contacting us overnight (between 9:00 pm and 7:30 am)

We are here between 9:00 pm and 7:30 am (excluding exceptional circumstances).

  • Up to about 10 pm Knock firmly on the office door (the door next to the guest lounge)  and stand back so we can respect social distancing.
  • After 10 pm (or if we are not in the office) push the doorbell beside the door at the end of the downstairs corridor which is marked “private”.

If you Exhibit Virus Symptoms

If while staying with us you should exhibit virus symptoms, be tested positive, or be advised to self-isolate by the official Test and Protect service you must inform us as soon as possible and, if you reasonably can, check out immediately and return home as per Government guidelines on travelling.

If you are unable to check-out immediately you must self-isolate in your bedroom, only leaving for medical reasons, or if you can, to return home using your own private transport. If you do self-isolate with us you must immediately request a test via https://www.nhsinform.scot/test-and-protect or you can call 0800 028 2816. You will be charged for every additional night you spend with us beyond your original booking.  We can arrange to have extra food, medical and other essential supplies delivered to your room but this will be charged for at cost price plus 20% service charge.

If you decide to check-out early due to any of the above reasons you will be emailed a credit note for unused nights of your stay. Credit notes are subject to terms and conditions which will be detailed when the credit note is issued.

Keeping Public Areas Clean and Disinfected

Our strict cleaning regime will keep the public areas clean and disinfected. If there is anything that needs attention please let us know.

Internet Access

Network name: inverglen_guest

Password: 07IV23NW. Note that the first digit is a zero and the third digit is an I (for indigo) not a number one. The password is case sensitive.


Social distancing means we have had to make changes to our Breakfast Service as follows.

  • You have an allocated 30-minute breakfast slot. This is the same for each day of your stay unless otherwise agreed. Your time slot is written on your breakfast order form that is with this information note.
  • You must pre-order your breakfast before 8 pm the previous evening. Use the order forms provided and place them  on the table at the bottom of the stairs. If for any reason you miss the 8 pm deadline please still complete your order form and leave on the table and we will do our best to get everything ready in time for you.
  • If you would prefer a takeaway breakfast this is an available option on the order form. Take away orders will be placed on the table at the bottom of the stairs and can be collected at any time after 7:30 am.


All rooms have independently controllable heating. If you are cold just turn the thermostat on the radiator to a higher setting. Please turn the heating back down when you go out.

Drying Wet Clothing

There is a coat rack and an umbrella stand in the front vestibule. Please leave any wet brollies or wet waterproofs hanging in the vestibule to dry.

Please also leave any muddy boots in the vestibule to dry.

Guest Lounge

Unfortunately, due to social distancing requirements we have had to close off our guest lounge.

Servicing Rooms

Bedrooms are not being serviced during stays. For your health and safety nobody will enter your rooms except you whilst you are staying with us.

Hospitality Tray

Hospitality trays are provided. If you require extra supplies, please contact us as detailed previously.

Dining Out

We will do our best to make you aware of what restaurants are open. Most will require advanced reservations so you may be disappointed if you just turn up.

Take Away Meals

Hot Take away meals must not be brought into the guest house. This is because the dining room is not available to use in the evenings, and bedrooms are not being serviced daily.

You may bring cold food back to the guest house. This must be eaten in your bedroom and when you are finished all waste must be double-bagged and placed in the bin. In the morning before you go out, remove the bag from the bin, securely tie it closed and leave it outside your room door.  We will leave a replacement bag outside your door.

Towels & Bedlinen

Bed linen will not be changed during your stay. If you require extra pillows just let us know and they will be supplied.

If you need new towels just let us know and they will be supplied.

Please do not leave wet towels on the bed or the carpeted areas.

Cases & Luggage

At present we are unable to assist with luggage.

No Smoking or Vaping Policy

Smoking or using electronic cigarettes is not permitted anywhere within the guest house.

DO NOT smoke anywhere on the premises, or tamper with the smoke alarms. A breach of these rules will result in you being asked to leave the premises immediately and you will be charged in full for your stay. You may also incur an additional charge for extra cleaning and an alarm re-set fee.

Lost Keys

If you lose your room key we are obliged to charge you not only for the cost of replacing the keys, but also for the cost of changing the locks on both front doors. It is necessary to change the locks for the security of our home and all our other guests.

The lost key charge will be approximately £150.00.


Please use the car park at the rear of the property. We are not liable for any loss or damage to your vehicle while parked in our car park.

Taxi Services

City Taxis (telephone: 01463 222555) and Inverness Taxis (telephone: 01463 222222) are our recommended providers.

Time of Departure

Rooms should be vacated by 10.00am.