Save money on your next stay (or a stay by a family member or friend)

As someone who stayed with us in the past, you are entitled to a 15% Discount on your next booking.

We are truly grateful that you chose to stay with us and would like to pass on a small thank you that hopefully you or a family member or friend will be able to use.

The following code will give you a 15% discount on your next booking at Inverglen Guest House. The code is valid from when you have completed your first stay.

Your 15% Discount Code is: LOYALTY15

This code can be used as many times as you like and can even be used by your family and friends.

You may want to either bookmark this page, write down the above code or make sure you don’t lose the email that got you here as this page is only available with the direct URL. This page is not on the menu on our website, and it is not linked to by any other page.

This discount is available on all stays subject to any minimum stay criteria that may be in place.

Over the years we have provided various discount codes and these will still work up to the date that they were stated to expire. After that date, you will need to use the above code to continue to get the discount.

Full details of how to use this code can be found on our website at How to use your code

Please note that this code can be withdrawn at any time, if you used the code when booking, then the discount will be honoured for your stay as long as Inverglen Guest House is run by John Frid & Susan White. 

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